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After completing classes for certified medical assistant in Pittsburgh in 2005, I went right into piercing.  In 2006, I apprenticed for tattooing under the owner of a local tattoo shop.  Tattooing and painting are my 2 major passions. One of my specialties is Tattooing baby foot prints.  They look just like the copy the hospital give's you when you have a baby.  I enjoy Tattooing pin up style art and being allowed to have some artistic freedom with fun, unique tattoos.  I have been an artist since childhood. I do a lot of custom art, wall murals, acrylic painting.  I refinish furniture with one of a kind looks and hand paint my own clothing line. 
Erin has been tattooing for 7 years. She has always been interested in developing better methods in applying color tattoos and it shows in her work. "I like deep, rich, saturated color," she says when asked about her tattooing style preference. She enjoys both abstract and realistic subject matter, but says her current focus is flowers. "This is generally a man's industry, however, my clients tend to come to me for that softer, more elegant tattoo. I enjoy tattooing something beautiful...it makes the owner of the tattoo feel more beautiful, which makes me happy." Erin has studied art at The University of South Alabama and holds a degree in surgical technology. 
Hello!!!! My name is Reginald or Reggie for short. I have been tattooing now for 9 years.
It’s not a job, but a pleasure to have someone wanting a piece of my art forever on their body. As long as I am tattooing I’m happy, but what I enjoy most to tattoo are large color tattoos!!! The more color the better!! Please check out my portfolio for some cool pieces of art, and more pictures soon to come!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!! -Reggie